About us

We established with a mission to help consumers from all walks of life who become Members to save money on everyday purchases.

Beginning with a focus on health related matters; we established a Membership Program that provides information and access to a set of comprehensive services at savings of up to 90% from retail.

Our focus is on providing a solution to the rising cost of prescription medications and other healthcare related matters while giving people an option to affordable healthcare. We have assembled and provided access to a team of experienced service industry representatives with a proven track record helping thousands of satisfied customers.

We are continually researching the newest cutting edge products and services in order to help create tremendous value and savings for each member.

It is our goal to provide such Membership at the lowest cost possible to the consumer.

In order to achieve this goal, we have partnered with participating businesses who have agreed to sponsor the cost of membership in return for consumer loyalty as they are interested in improving their respective customer acquisition and retention ratios.

Group Savings - Over time we wish to establish a large pool of consumers as a group of “Members” that in turn will leverage the power of group-purchasing to gain access to deeply discounted products and services that are in great demand by consumers everywhere.