What is 24/7 Doctor?

Hearing Care

You and your family should never go without medical expertise, no matter where or when you need it. As part of our empowering health and wellness program, Our members have around-the-clock access to talk one-on-one with a top physician. Whenever our members need a doctor's advice, answers, medication prescription, or even diagnosis, Health benefit program's access to Consult A Doctor is there.

As a member, you can enjoy this service on the telephone or online when your primary care physician is not available or you'd like to use your Health benefit program supplemental health care membership to avoid a doctor office visit, saving you both time and money. Members often use this 24/7 service to request medication prescriptions or refills during a busy work day or during nights and weekends when doctors are otherwise unavailable. It's easy to connect with our nationwide doctors by phone or online for unlimited non-emergency medical issues, questions, or concerns by paying a one-time yearly fee of $35. Please note you will be charged an additional $35 for each consultation that results in a prescription.

Common conditions treated with our 24/7 doctor services include sinus infections; allergies; pink eye; respiratory conditions; bronchitis; colds and flus; urinary tract infections; headaches and migraines; and stomachaches and diarrhea.

As part of this health care alternative with Health benefit program , members empower themselves with our 24/7 educational and interactive health management systems that include a number of online health and wellness tools such as a symptom checker, health library, e-mail access to doctors, personal health record storage, and risk assessments.

Never wait for a doctor again!

  • Access a physician from anywhere via telephone or e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.
  • Physicians discuss symptoms, recommend treatment options, diagnose many common conditions, and prescribe medication when appropriate.
  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary doctor's office or ER visits.
  • Never wait for an appointment or sit in the doctor's office again.
  • Our network of physicians is U.S.-based, licensed, board-certified, rigorously credentialed, and highly experienced.
  • Instantly available for all ages - from children to senior citizens.
  • Easy method of payment debit or credit card for $35/year flat fee as well as $35 additional fee for each consultation resulting in a prescription.
  • Prescriptions phoned into your local pharmacy for pickup.
  • HIPAA compliant and confidential.
  • Free Personal Health Record (PHR) where members store, manage, and share their medical records from one central location.

A Note About Our 24/7 Telemedicine Service:
Telemedicine is defined by the American Telemedicine Association as "use of medical information exchanged from one place to another via electronic communications to improve patients' health status. This includes providing direct consumer outreach and services and use of the Internet and other technologies for tele-consultations, consumer medical education, remote patient monitoring, online medical records, specialist referrals and much more."

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