Health Cash Rewards

Hearing Care

Our Health Rewards is a free program designed to help you save and pay for your healthcare expenses simply by providing cash rewards for your everyday purchases made through our network of merchants.

Getting Started:

Once you become a member of Our Health benefit program , you are automatically enrolled into the cash back program and receive a welcome email describing the benefits and tools available to you for maximizing your cash back.

Going Shopping:

After registering for Health benefit program , you can go shopping one of two ways:

  • Log into Health benefit program website
  • Download the shopping toolbar provided to you when you registered

Earning Rewards:

All on-line purchases made through the cash back program will be tracked and a portion of your purchase amount is eligible to transfer to your checking account or Paypal once you accumulate a minimum of $15.

Once you join Health benefit program, you will automatically be enrolled into the exciting world of cash back rewards.


over 4,000 merchants available to provide cash back to you.

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