Medical Bill Help

Hearing Care

Studies show that 80% of all medical bills contain errors. Medical bills often contain confusing codes and language which make it difficult for many people to review their bill for accuracy.

We understands this dilemma and has enrolled a medical bill help service to assist members. This service specializes in helping people save money on their medical bills.

Since 1985 this service has saved insurance companies millions of dollars by negotiating medical claims. Now individuals may access this service with the same cost saving tools that insurance companies have used for decades.


  • Discounts of 10-70% on medical bills.
  • Bill Negotiators average over 13 years experience.
  • Proprietary database includes results of thousands of successfully negotiated bills.
  • Any medical bill over $200 is eligible for review and negotiation.
  • Risk Free, No Savings, No Fee.
  • Special pricing for Our Health benefit program members.
  • Negotiations available before service is rendered as well as after the fact.
  • Is not insurance and does not replace insurance, nor does it affect your relationship with your medical provider.
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