Preferred Provider Network

Here at Advante Members Only "AMO" we have developed a unique solution that provides our Members with access to Providers that we refer to as Preferred Provider Network "PPN”.

These Providers are top rated professionals each in their own field and have agreed to provide their services on an exclusive basis for these unheard of low prices (30% below Medicare published rated based on CPT Codes). Since we are able to insure them the volume of business based on the size of our Member community, they are willing to give our Members their best and lowest pricing.

The concept is simple, when you join as a Member in Advante Members Only you become a part of this very large community of individuals who now joined together represent a strong purchasing power. We all know that when we purchase in bulk we pay less for what we are buying and thus this is the same exact concept that we have used to negotiate the best price for you. Also as a CASH paying consumer you are saving the Providers the cost of billing the Payor (i.e. Health Insurance / Medicare, etc.) and this savings is too passed on to you in terms of upfront lower pricing. Furthermore Providers depend on their cash-flow to stay in business and the fact they are paid in cash and upfront at the time services are provided, this saves them money and again you as our Member benefit from this as it is all passed down to you.

Unlike other Discount Health Plans (especially the ones that are offered for "FREE", we at AMO never charge the Provider for our services and this also then helps to keep the cost low and we never surcharge our Members so you always get the guaranteed lowest pricing.

These Providers include but not limited to the following:

  • MD Doctors, includes Specialists
  • Surgeons
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Imaging Centers for x-Ray, MRI, CT-Scan, Ultrasound examinations
  • Chiropractors
  • Veterinarians (Pet Doctors)
  • Dentists

The key advantage between these Providers and the others in our Standard-Network is that you as our Member will,

  • Receive Provider Services at 30% below Medicare published CPT Code pricing.
  • This special exclusive pricing is huge savings because it is like getting a discount on top an already discounted price.
  • You as our Member will know the exact cost of the Service before you purchase it, i.e. M.D. Doctor visit for only $39 which is a savings of 80%
  • Coming Soon -

    • We plan on adding more Providers in the near future.
    • Additionally we will allow Members to nominate their own Providers by inviting each to join our Preferred Provider Network.
    • Add Providers that will give you Cash Back Rebates
    • Add Providers that will donate to your Nonprofit of Choice in addition to Cash Back rebates
    Please feel free to write or call us should you need further information or if you wish to recommend Providers and or if you are a Provider and wish to join our PPN Locate a Provider