Welcome to the Cash Back Rebate Programs

As a valued Vacation Club Member, we now offer you two additional Cash Back Programs in one:

  • Our Mall Cash Back Rebate Program (up to 20%)
  • Our Cash Back Rebate Travel, Vacations and Entertainment program (up to 10%)

Mall Cash Back Rebate Program:

Inside the members area we have created a mall for our members and their families. Within the mall there are many stores with whom we have established unique relationships that offer great prices as well as a commission structure for the Club itself. The Mall is for you, our members and if you will take the time to send us a copy of your receipts showing purchases at the different stores, we will be happy to send you the advertised Cash Back (net). We cannot give cash back on taxes or merchant processing costs. Your cash back is the actual commissions paid by these merchants to allow them to offer our members their products. We do this for you, not to make money but to add to our members many Club benefits. Make a copy of your purchase receipts and send to: Gold Crown Vacations, LLC. Attention Cash Rebate Program:

109 East 17th St. Suite 4390 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001. We suggest that you save your receipts and send them in every 3-6 months. You don’t have to but for administrating this program and to offset the costs of postage we just make the suggestion to put them all in an envelope and when you’re ready, make copies and get your cash. Please allow 2-6 weeks for your cash back. *Note: Within the Exclusive Members Only Perks portal we have hundreds of stores that have been made available to our members through a special agreement with the work perks employee discount program. There is no cash back here, only the lowest possible prices for our members only. This was made possible because of our large membership base.

Cash Back Travel, Vacations and Entertainment Program

As a Club member you can receive up to a 10% Cash Back Rebate on all eligible travel or vacations booked using your Clubs membership website. In most cases your Cash Back Bonus applies whether you make your reservations through our online reservation system, over the phone with one of our more than one thousand travel and vacation consultants, or a third party travel and vacation affiliate featured in the Members Area of your Clubs member website.

How Does It Work?

Simply book your trip using your Clubs Membership website, take your trip or use your purchase. Afterwards, send us a copy of your travel receipts and itinerary, and we’ll mail you a check for up to 10% of all your qualifying net purchases. There is no rebate on taxes or merchant processing)

Remember, you’re not getting up to 10% Cash Back on inflated prices. Your Cash Back Bonus Rebate is our way of rewarding you for booking your travel and vacations using your Clubs Membership and website. Just think, the more you travel and vacation, the more money you save AND get paid!

How Do I Apply?

When you return from your trip, write your name, address, phone number and your membership email on all receipts or legible copies of receipts that qualify for up to a 10% Cash Back Rebate. Attach them to your itinerary, and mail them within 90 days to: Gold Crown Vacations, Attention Cash Rebate Program 109 East 17th St. Suite 4390, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001. For Hotel and/or Rental Car: include original or legible copies of your itemized Hotel and/or Rental Car bills or receipts. There are no cash back rebates of any kind for Luxury Resorts 1 or 2. Discounts have already been applied here. No rebates on any event tickets. The lowest possible prices are already applied.

Notice: All Caribbean Resorts “Only” displaying a weekly charge of exactly $299 per week will qualify for a special internal rebate of $100.00. Please refer to the cash rebate program and follow instructions accordingly.

To receive your $100 cash rebate, upon returning from your vacation, make a copy of your initial resort confirmation and include your paid receipt showing that the weekly rate you paid was exactly $299.00 and send it to: Gold Crown Vacations, LLC., Attention Cash Rebate Program. Address listed above. You have exactly 60 days from the last day of your vacation to send in your rebate request.

CASH BACK Break Down For Each Qualified Member Benefit

allcruises ALL CRUISES BOOKED ONLINE:Receive up to 5% cash back, does not include port charges, taxes or gratuities. Net cruise cost only.
jettours MAUIVA JET TOURS:All Bookings: Receive $100.00 cash back on each ticket.
justhotels JUST HOTELS:Online Booking Only: Receive 4% net.
flightshotelscars Flights/Hotels/Cars:Flights/Hotels/Cars:
Due to the strict airline regulations, there are no cash back programs associated with commercial flights. Lowest fare at time of booking, only.
in this area that display the banner below are eligible for the 10% rebate. All other hotels in this section receive 5% cash back. Please read details of participation carefully.
Receive 4% of net, basic car rental. Does not include taxes, insurance or any associated fees.
motorcoach BUS TOURS:Online Booking Only:
- Receive 5% of net gross for vacation packages of 5+ days;
- 4% of net gross for tours with 4 days or less.
- 3% of net gross for bus services and hotels.
GCVUKtravelpartner2 ATLANTIS: 5% Net Cash Back Rebate. Does not include; taxes, gratuities or credit card processing charges
GCVUKtravelpartner1 THE PARIS PASS:Online Booking Only: Receive 4% of the net gross of the sale.
wyndhamdiscounts WYNDHAM:4% net cash rebate. You must use your promo code when booking.
exclusive_unique UNIQUE ACTIVITIES:Online Booking Only: Receive 3% of the net gross of the sale.
worldwidervboatrental RV & BOAT RENTAL:Online Booking Only: Receive 5% of the net gross of the sale.
insurance REAL ADVENTURES:5% Net Cash Back Rebate. Does not include; taxes, gratuities or credit card processing charges
GCVtravel RESTAURANT CERTIFICATES:Online Booking Only: Receive 5% of the net gross of the sale.
GCVUKtravelpartnerGCVUKtravel 5% Net Cash Back Rebate. Does not include; taxes, gratuities or credit card processing charges.